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Temperature (EBT) Solution

Detect Elevated Temperature

Ability to detect elevated human body temperature. Audio and visual alert when person is above the normal body temperature.

Smart A.I. - Face Detection

Built-in A.I. technology allows the camera is detect a human face for accurate temperature reading. Supports Liveness Detection, avoiding picture and video cheating

Mask Detection

The system will detect if you are wearing a face mask or not and trigger an audio alert. This is great to manage social distancing rules.


Capture body temperature within a second from 2 ft away / Non-Contact (abide by social distancing guideline) / High Accuracy ±0.3°C / Thermal Camera is network enabled to connect remotely / Support remote live view and 2-way talk

Choose the perfect OPTION


8" LCD Temperature Panel


Floor Stand

Frequently asked questions

No you do not.  It is a standalone system.  You can connect it to your network to receive notifications.

Yes, you can get email alerts with a picture snapshot of a person that has a high temperature reading.  You can set the high and low temperature threshold.

You can connect this to the network and remotely view the Panel from a webpage.  You can see, listen and speak to your guest right from your computer.

Yes, you can store a picture snapshots of face and temperature.  It is stored on an SD Card (optional).  It can also store a short video clip.

Yes, you can mount this next to a door and connect it to the electronic door lock.  Once a face is recognized, the door lock will unlock and allow access.

Wiegand Interface Wiegand input/output(26/34)
RS485 1 (half duplex)
Door Lock Output Relay output, NO/NC(optional), delay setting supported

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